Stress & More Stress

Ever since my grandmother fell Ive had added stress put upon me, before that I was in a transition to change schools once again. Its like I never get to rest or do anything for myself. Its a battle to get through the day with out feeling like I need to scream or go completely mental. Living with 3 other family members you think it would be easy helping my grandmother, but its not. I haven't even gotten around to my homework that is just sitting on the bed waiting to be worked on. Can't I be selfish and get a hour of alone time? just one where nothing bothers me or pest me and people can do their part right.

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  1. DaisyMae

    I hear you dear,when I was growing up as the oldest girl in the family,it was my job-even though I was ONLY to be in charge of the younger ones. Pack our lunches,do housework,etc. I remember hiding in the bathroom to do homework.

    February 04, 2012
  2. DeeinFL

    When you feel like you are losing it and just need to let it out…go outside and scream at the top of your lungs. Sometimes it helps letting it out like that.

    February 04, 2012